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About Us

Leading by Innovation, Expertise and Quality

Enserve Moçambique is one of the major players in the sector, and has consistently contributed to making the pump and valve industry more environmentally friendly, safe and productive. Enserve provides integrated and innovative maintenance solutions specifically focusing on all aspects of pump and valve life extension within the Petroleum, Steel and Water industries.

With an experienced team specialized in the field of Maintenance Engineering, Enserve innovates, providing products and services to customers in Mozambique and Southern Africa. Enserve Engineering Services, our South African-based parent company, has been providing services to companies in South Africa for over 20 years by providing us with operational and management technical support for the development of our business.

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Our Services

We offer a unique combination of locally manufactured and imported products, ensuring the right solution to each customer’s unique problem.

Valve Supply and Repair

ln addition to the supply and repair of pumps and valves...
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Pump Solutions and Repair

Enserve Mozambique provides a world class LDAR...
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Safety & Environmental Solutions

Enserve together with their international partners provides...
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Fabrication Solutions

Dedicated to providing our customers with a one-stop supply and Steel fabrication...
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Enserve is the first and largest privately owned pump and Valve Company in Mozambique.

We are committed to providing products and services to the highest quality standards, to agreed schedules and within budget. We are totally dedicated to innovation and excellence in the provision of all of the services we offer.
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